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why mediate?

One option for a person, couple, or business in conflict is to
go to court. The legal system can resolve their dispute, but
the emotional and financial costs can be devastating.

Many disputes have a prior history of an amicable relationship. Litigation (arbitration or court) will likely kill any prospect of continued relations.

Why Online?

Conducting mediation online, as opposed to in-person, provides the opportunity to extend the benefits of these alternatives to many disputes including, but not limited to, the following:

Disputes between parties who are too geographically distant to enable a meeting to take place;

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Michael G. Wales

mediation attorney

Mr. Wales is a believer in resolving disputes early and efficiently. Mr. Wales is frequently asked to act as a neutral in online mediations and private online arbitrations to help parties resolve their disputes at a fraction of the cost and time involved in Court proceeding. His experience, knowledge, training, and ability to find solutions where others thought impossible, make him a sought after neutral in a variety of disputes.

Experienced Law Practitioner, Judge, Mediator & Private Arbitrator